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Water Filled Cofferdam Canals 6

United Arab Emirates, Dubai

Location: United Arab Emirates, Dubai Cofferdam Sizes: 8' high x 50' long Water Depth: 5' Installation Time: 3 hours Project Description: A Dam-It Dams cofferdam was used to block water in a canal to allow the contractor to extend the…

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Temporary Cofferdam Spillway 2

Paris, IL

Location: Paris, IL Cofferdam Sizes: 8' high x 225' long, and 8' tall x 50' long Water Depth: 6' Installation Time: 7.5 hours Project Description: Dewater project site to allow contractor to repair broken concrete on the spillway.  

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Affordable Water Filled Cofferdam 8

New Orleans, LA

Location: New Orleans, LA Cofferdam Sizes: one 10' high x 75' long and one 12' high x 75' long Water Depth: 6' and 10' Installation Time: 4.5 hours per dam Project Description: Dredge cement canal upstream of water cooling tower.

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