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Environmental Remediation with Cofferdams

environmental remediation using water filled damsEnvironmental Remediation is the removal of contaminants from the environments medias (i.e. surface water, soil, groundwater, and sediment). When doing this, a cofferdam comes into play in such a way that the clean water can be diverted (one of the 3 D’s) away from a contaminant and kept away from it by damming (another of the 3 D’s).

In recent years, oil spills and improper wastewater discharges have become a huge environmental concern. Quick action is required to mitigate damage and promptly restore water quality. If a contaminant affects a riverbed or other small body of water, dredging the mud, clay, sand, or soil can be conducted using a cofferdam. Excavated contaminated soil can then be treated and used for other purposed. Separating the water from the earth can then also allow for treatment of polluted water.

Our portable water filled dams can be delivered to a project site in need of such a tool and installed easily and made ready to use in a short amount of time. Once the project is completed, there will be little or no trace left on the environment, and while the original purpose of Dam-It Dam’s temporary cofferdams was not to save the environment, we are pleased to be part of such an endeavor. We work with Mother Nature to ensure a cleaner and brighter future, and that makes it all worth our while!


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