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Idea – Pool Winterization with Cofferdams

Dam-It Dams inc. CofferdamsIdea: Pool Winterization with Cofferdams

Whether in-ground or above-ground, outdoor pool winterization and repairs are painstaking, to say the least! There is so much to do that you begin to wonder if all the upkeep and cleaning and chemicals and level-checks justify the owning of a pool. Then comes the exciting season where there’s a nip in the air and colorful leaves begin to fall… directly into your pool.

Now’s the time when it’s flat-out cold outside, some of us have already experienced snow this week. If you’ve put off closing your pool, there’s a sudden rush to get it done before too much damage occurs, because frozen water expands.

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Flood Related Deaths and Flood Protection

Flood Related Deaths and Flood Protection

Flood protection - a cofferdam guarding a buildingFloods are considered to be one of the most dangerous weather events we encounter, and the trend of deaths due to floods continues to go up in numbers that are deeply concerning.

Though a good number of the deaths are directly related to unavoidable circumstances in the event of flooding, there is a notable amount that could be avoided. In many situations, people are attempting to escape rising water levels by driving through flooded roadways and getting trapped in currents that are moving quicker than anticipated. If there is moving water at all, no matter how slow it appears to be, it’s advised to avoid moving through that water at all costs. In 2018 so far, 66 people have died in U.S. Floods alone, with more than 50 of those deaths in vehicles.

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Types of Surface When Installing Cofferdams

Portable Cofferdam on a job siteTypes of Surface When Installing Cofferdams

Generally speaking, there are three different types of water conditions when it comes to construction and repair that could require the use of a cofferdam system by Dam-It Dams, Inc. Below we’ll provide descriptions for you, in order to help you better understand the various conditions.

Dry Installation

This condition is where there is no water present at the work site, therefore your dam can be installed more effortlessly. This condition allows for the easiest installation and breakdown of the cofferdam system while allowing for continued dry conditions.

Wet- Static Water Installation

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Impacts and Risks of Climate Change

Dam-It Dams inc. CofferdamsImpacts and Risks of Climate Change

A new government report outlining the impacts to the United States of global warming/climate change warns of extreme weather disasters worsening in the US. After many forms of research were gathered and the data analyzed, new findings and information paired with existing data cite that not only is this expected, but the trend that will follow has also been anticipated for years.

National Climate Assessment warns that warming-charged extremes “have already become more frequent, intense, widespread, or of longer duration” than any other weather patterns previously recorded. With $400 billion having been spent since 2015 due to damaging weather patterns, this federal report indicates that the last few years of damage have smashed existing records. “Warmer and drier conditions have contributed to an increase in large forest fires in the western United States and interior Alaska,” according to the aforementioned report.

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Hurricane Willa and Tropical Storm Vicente

Dam-It Dams Inc.Hurricane Willa and Tropical Storm Vicente

Hurricane Willa, a Category 4 hurricane in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, gained rapid intensification and elevated briefly to the status of Category 5 today, but deescalated quickly back to Cat 4. It is expected that Hurricane Willa will make landfall Tuesday night north of Puerto Vallarta, bringing an abundance of rain, as well as damaging winds, and life threatening mudslides with dangerous storm surges. Residents are encouraged to move inland for their safety from the sustained winds of 160mph winds and assault of copious water levels.

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