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Dam-It Dams – not just for home uses

Dam-It Dams inc. CofferdamsDam-It Dams – not just for home uses

With the many uses of a cofferdam system for small home projects, the ease of use for the average handyman, and the affordable purchase or rental options for the average homeowner, it’s easy to forget that this wonderful cofferdam system is perfect for larger commercial and construction projects.

Our goal here at Dam-It Dams, Inc. is to provide varied uses and sizes of our on-site water-filled cofferdams at one low and affordable price for any damming, de-watering, and diverting needed on any site. Your safety is always our first concern, but that means our dependability is also our first concern because if you can’t count on our product, you aren’t feeling safe.

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Ready For Spring

Dam-it Dams inc. offers the best cofferdams in the worldReady For Spring

How many of us are ready for the snow and ice to finally be gone? Did I hear a unanimous, “All of us!” shouted at computer screens everywhere?

We look forward to having white Christmases, wearing warm fuzzy clothes, sledding, drinking cocoa by a fire, and taking in the majesty of beautiful fresh snow blanketing the homes and landscape all around us, but then reality sets in when it stays past its welcome. Personally, anything before December 15th and anything after January 10th is past its welcome.

We are rounding the corner, according to the prediction of the well-known groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, who heralds early spring or extended winter. This year, Phil has declared an early spring and after polar vortexes, cold snaps, heaps of snow, heavy rains in warmer areas, and frost quakes, we couldn’t be happier.

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Why Material Makes a Difference – Choose Dam-it Dams

Dam-it Dams inc. offers the best cofferdams in the worldWhy Material Makes a Difference

When it comes to choosing the right product to protect your home, structure, or property, from an overabundance of rising water levels, a lot of thought must go into what makes one product superior to the alternatives. There are so many options available, that it makes sense to boil it down what you’re actual end goal is in order to know what you need for your project.

Let’s take a look at some of your options and see what materials are used so you can become more knowledgeable in what product or service offered will fit your needs.

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Flooding Solutions in 2019

Cofferdam holding back waterFlooding Solutions in 2019

Recently, the weather has been flat out dangerous to certain areas. The Midwest, the Plans, New England, these areas are facing weather more treacherous than previous winters with a Polar Vortex, heavy snow, dangerous levels of ice, snow in unexpected regions, strong winds, temperatures reaching as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit below zero, melting then freezing in repetitious cycles, and it’s still only early February!

All this precipitation will eventually melt and gardens, lawns, shrubbery, and trees will reap the benefits in the spring and present luscious foliage and be healthy and vibrant, undoubtedly! However, when the melt comes, in comes the overflowing water that the ground just cannot absorb. Bodies of water will overflow, homes and businesses will flood, mudslides will occur, and a new danger will present itself.

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Information – Mudslides and the danger caused

Mudslides -  Dam-it Dams BlogMudslides

A natural occurrence that will become more and more prevalent in the upcoming months is a mudslide. Mudslides are also called landslides, mud flows, and flow slides.

The cause of this event is heavy rains, melted snow and ice, over-topping, and high levels of flooded ground water interacting with the stability of the upper layers of soil and greenery by essentially creating a slurry of the soil and allowing gravity to do its thing.

The consistency of the mudslide can vary from predominantly watery to thick debris filled mud, all dependent on the conditions afforded to this natural disaster. Due to the fact that an overabundance of water acts as the catalyst of the event, the onslaught behaves as if it were simply flood waters, with no concern for what it takes along with it.

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