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Dam-It Dams inc. CofferdamsInformation: What Happens Indoors When Snow Melts

Areas with heavy snowfall know the snow will inevitably melt and the season of frigid temperatures, shoveling, scraping windshields, layering clothes, and seeing your breath will end… eventually. Even though it feels like it never will! But with that thaw and the snow melting comes a different kind of problem for the newly melted snow- it becomes water that seeps into the ground and overruns lower areas.

What if all this water seepage makes its way into your home? What if it leaks through holes and cracks and overtakes YOUR space? How do you protect and prevent melting snow from ruining your belongings? You treat it similarly to flood waters!

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Dangers of Melting Snow Outside

Dam-It Dams cofferdams logoInformation: Dangers of Melting Snow Outside

Snow can be very beautiful, but most of us don’t want it to last too long. Aside from its beauty, it’s very cumbersome, it’s cold, and it’s wet. Well, once it melts, it’s equally as problematic. If temperatures are conducive, it can re-freeze and create sheets of ice on the ground making driving and walking dangerous, or it begins to melt and mix with snow that hasn’t warmed and it become sludge which is heavy and hard to keep out of the way, and finally, it can melt and continue melting until it’s all puddles and pools on sidewalks, in the grass, filling sewage drains, making everything an awful, wet mess.

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Cofferdams for Utility Line Work and Repair

Cofferdams for utility work and repairCofferdams for Utility Line Work and Repair

When it comes time to make repairs to or replace in-ground utility lines, the work must then be done underneath the surface of the ground. It is an anticipated added level of difficulty for such work to not only deal with the lines themselves, but to also get to them through layers of dirt and added water saturation. The job isn’t easy to begin with, then once these factors are added in, the task becomes even more of a daunting experience.

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Record Breaking Water Related Events Throughout The World

Record Breaking Water Related Events Throughout The World

Dam-It Dams inc. CofferdamsHere are Dam-It Dams Cofferdams, we pay attention to all things weather and hydro-logically related.

These are the most accurate record setting numbers available to us, as a vast majority of records set have been recorded post-1880. Any record weather occurrences prior to that time, which may or may not have been of greater note, will have been lost in history. Below is a list based upon the information we have at-hand of record breaking numbers, some astounding, in the world of water related events. One thing is for sure, the weather patterns are getting more destructive, and protecting yourself from dangerous weather is now becoming a much bigger concern.

Highest Storm Surge: in relation to Tropical Cyclone Mahina

Defined as a rising of the sea as a result of atmospheric pressure changes and wind associated with a storm.

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Current Storm Tracking

Current Storm Tracking In the wake of more recent storms that have developed into strong and deadly hurricanes this 2018 hurricane season, comes Xavier. Xavier is expected to remain at Tropical Storm status until it devolves back to a Tropical…

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