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Hurricane Chris

Cofferdam Protection - Hurricane ChrisHurricane Chris

In the Atlantic Ocean, a rapidly strengthening hurricane is taking form and creating a source of serious concern for east coast residents. Hurricane Chris has officially become a Category 2 hurricane with winds of over 105 mph but is expected to continue in its acceleration for another 18+ hours. This is the second hurricane in the 2018 season, and it is unusually early in the season for the formation of the second hurricane; typically it’s not until late summer (around late August).

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Cofferdam Installation – St John Florida

Cofferdam installation - St John FloridaCofferdam Installation – St John Florida

Dam-It Dams inc. is the cofferdam contractor that was hired to install a temporary portable water-filled cofferdam for a particular project site located in St Johns, Florida. The dam was manufactured in one piece, which measured 10 foot tall by 275 foot long. The contractor needed to install four 20 inch road drain pipes into the retention pond for a new subdivision. Each drain was roughly situated approximately 150 feet apart from one another.

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Identifying Types of Flooding and Being Prepared With Cofferdams

Cofferdams - types of floodsIdentifying Types of Flooding and Being Prepared With Cofferdams

There are various types of floods that can be encountered through different areas and seasons. With so many different forms of flooding, it’s important to be able to identify each one individually in order to prepare and protect to the best of your abilities.

Coastal Flood (Surge Flood)

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What Makes Our Cofferdams Environmentally Friendly?

What Makes Our Cofferdams Environmentally Friendly?

A water filled cofferdam damming water in a canalWhen it comes to cofferdam choices, there are so many alternatives out there and you want to make sure that you’re choosing the most eco-friendly one available to you that fits your situation. Sandbags require heavy labor and can easily be torn. Gel-filled bags can also be ruptured, causing the spill of gel materials into the surrounding ground and water. There are other, more permanent, cofferdams available, but they change the outward aesthetics of your home and are not removable once the threat of flooding passes.

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The Stages of a Hurricane

Hurricanes - Dam-it Dams CofferdamsThe Stages of a Hurricane

When it comes to the stages of a hurricane, those of us inland are not very knowledgeable in the workings and development and eventual dissipation of a hurricane. In order to better be prepared and well-educated when it comes to this particular subject, below is a brief description of the developmental process and qualifications that make up the storm.

Tropical Disturbance or Tropical Wave (First Stage) – Consisting of a mass of thunderstorms with slight wind circulations. Approximately 100 of these form each season. They lack a closed circulation, where there are winds in every direction.

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