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Inland Flooding

Commercial flood protection: a Dam-it Dams cofferdam provides a water tight barrier around a nature center.Inland Flooding

The dangers of hurricanes and tropical storms is pretty apparent, not to mention calamitous, we all know this. However, there is also another danger associated with these massively powerful storms; a risk known as inland floods, also called aftershocks.

Inland flooding is the intense level of flooding that immediately follows the initial storm, be it a hurricane, heavy rainfall, quick snow and ice melts, or tropical storms. It does not occur at the coast, yet it is considered with coastal flooding by hazard specialists because of its connection with land falling storms. The effects of inland flooding can extend as far as 100 miles from the coasts edge.

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In-Water Repair using Cofferdams

A cofferdam creating a dry area for in-water repairIn-Water Repair Using Cofferdams

Oftentimes, repairs to existing construction work require in-water productivity. These activities can be extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous while adding an extra layer of trials to the existing work at hand. A few examples of repairs requiring in-water construction are pool maintenance, repair to dams, concrete and pillar repair, inspection and repair of pipelines, and boat ramp repairs. All of the aforementioned tasks are difficult enough, but in addition, the work has to be done in areas of standing water. Risks and dangers are increased with the added element of water.

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Cofferdams : Deciding Between Rental and Purchase

Cofferdam stopping water in a canalDeciding Between Cofferdam Rental vs Purchase

When the time comes that you know you are in need of a Dam-It Dams cofferdam system as a solution for de-watering, damming, and/or water diversion, it then comes down to the decision of “Do you need to rent this product or own this product?” Being a business, you’d think that we were interested in the return business of rentals, but in all honesty, we care about the environment and we care about you. We want you to choose the option that best suits your needs and keeps you and yours safe unsafe weather conditions or construction needs.

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Elon Musk and the Flint Water Fix

Elon Musk and the Flint Water FixElon Musk and the Flint Water Fix

As is well known throughout the world, Flint has experienced a massive issue with lead poisoning due to the lead content in the water systems in recent years. What’s more is that the city of Flint has become synonymous with the term “lead poisoning”. This has been a shameful and embarrassing experience for a good majority of Michigan residents, and it’s been a dangerous and infuriating experience for those living in and around Flint, Michigan.

High lead levels, lead being a toxic metal to the human body in high doses, has been known to lower a child’s IQ and result in later-in-life high blood pressure, as well as a possible early onset of menopause in women.

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