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Winter Storm Jayden

Dam-It Dams inc. CofferdamsWinter Storm Jayden

Moderate to heavy snow is expected with Winter Storm Jayden. Unlike this storms predecessors, Winter Storms Gia, Harper, and Indra, Jayden will bring along a massive cold front that will stretch across the affected area and make it dangerous to be outdoors for long periods of time.

From the Plains to Midwest and on to the Eastern/Northeastern Coast early on next week, accumulations of snow accompanied by strong winds are expected. This will cause not only dangerous road conditions, but also small wind-swept ground flurries. While it may not be snowing, strong low winds of up to 25mph will likely cause white-out and blizzard-like conditions. Snow is even possible in the southern parts of the country as the Storm System moves its way east.

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Niagara Falls Is Freezing and Indra

Dam-It Dams inc. CofferdamsNiagara Falls Is Freezing and Indra

The weather cycles from our winter storms, Gia and Harper, are having such a domino effect on the states in the Midwest and Northeast that parts of the Northeast are experiencing a deep freeze. Visitors and sightseers have now stood witness as the rushing waters have frozen in place! This sight has been called majestic, even comparing it to Elsa’s castle (from Frozen)!

“There was even this set of stairs that were placed just outside the look-on spot and they had so much ice on them, it looked like Elsa had just cast her arm out and summoned up some stairs like she does in the movie,” said Emma Grafham, of CNN.

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Signs of Danger During Frostbite Season

Dam-It Dams inc. CofferdamsSigns of Danger During Frostbite Season

With the coldest part of winter gets ever closer, it’s important to keep in mind that Mother Nature is who’s in charge here and all too often our bodies can play tricks on us. There are varying severity levels of frostbite, so it’s very important to pay attention to the quiet clues. Below, we’ll list for you some of the more noticeable indications to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Winter Storm Harper

Updates on winter storm ebonyWinter Storm Harper

Last week was the week of Winter Storm Gia, but this weekend we will face Winter Storm Harper, and we are in for plenty more snow.

Harper has already made her way through parts of the west and is bringing along snow and ice paired with strong winds to the Plains, Midwest, and Northeast regions. Thus far, the heaviest snowfall has been in Lone Pine, California, where they reported five inches in just two hours of snowfall!

As snow continues throughout parts of the Rockie’s region and will also spread into the Dakota’s, Nebraska, Iowa, and southern Minnesota. Winter Storm Warnings/Watches (in cities including Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee, Boston, Buffalo, Cleveland, Hartford, Pittsburgh, and Des Moines) and Winter Weather Advisories have been passed down from the National Weather Service through the northern and central Plains region and east into the Great Lakes region into the New England region.

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Welcoming Winter Storm Gia, 2019

Dam-It Dams inc. CofferdamsWelcoming Winter Storm Gia, 2019

Winter Storm Gia was named late Thursday afternoon with the number of people within the storm warning range passed 2 million (that number qualifies it as a Winter Storm) but has now surpassed 19 million people! The snow began in Denver, Colorado on Friday morning and quickly accumulated over 4 inches, with 18 inches being reported in some areas. Power outages, dangerous road conditions, and wet, heavy, thick sludge is now formed in masses in most areas effected by this new Winter Storm. Driving in these conditions are a recipe for danger, with tires slipping due to the inability to create traction on roadways, which result in cars colliding into one another. Warnings of dangerous driving conditions and heavy snow and/or ice in effected areas.

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