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Award Winning cofferdams

Award Winning Cofferdams – Most Innovative Product Winner- Dam-It-Dams!

Most innovative Product - award winning cofferdams - world of concrete

DamitDams has been awarded MIP Winner 2012 in the category of General Tools & Equipment by Concrete World

 Product: Water Filled Cofferdams by Dam it Dams


Booth: C5998

Reusable Cofferdams

Description: DamitDams award winning cofferdams are made of a heavy-duty, geotextile woven polypropylene outer casing that contains two side-by-side inner tubes. The inner dual tubes act as a stabilizer to keep the Dam from rolling due to outside water pressure and other forces.

Since the cofferdam needs to be 25% higher (above board) than the depth of the water to be controlled, DamitDams come in eight different heights, ranging from 1 foot to 12 feet.

Installation is easy, Onsite water is pumped into the two fill tubes causing the DamitDam chambers to slowly and evenly inflate, forming a strong, stable cylindrical tube. As the inner tubes continue to fill and the water pressure builds, the DamitDam un-rolls in a controlled manner creating the cofferdam.
Contractors will find the layout easy. Units can be molds perfectly to the lakebed, riverbed or waterbed. Or using the extension coupling system, individual dams are easily linked together creating a watertight chained barrier.
DamitDam‘s award winning cofferdams provide contractors an environmental and effective way to manage water with little or no impact on the environment. And the units are reusable.

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