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Water Causing You a Problem? Just add water.
Cofferdams from Dam-It-Dams

Dam-It Dams Portable Water Filled Dams

Providing Water Solutions Since 1928

5 Reasons to Choose Dam-It Dams, Inc.

Dam-It Dams is a World Class provider of water filled dams and Award-Winning leader of innovative solutions for de-watering a project area and/or diverting or damming water to enable a project’s initiation and completion. Our portable water inflated Cofferdam systems are:

  • Adaptable – Our product conforms to virtually every type of landscape and weather condition
  • Affordable – Our water filled dams are less labor intensive than traditional sand bags, use on-site water and are reusable
  • Durable – Dam-it Dams water filled dams are made of industrial strength geo-textile materials that can withstand tremendous water pressure and are puncture resistant.
  • Expandable – Multiple inflatable cofferdams can be connected as needed to form any length barrier
  • Immediately Available – We offer water filled cofferdams in heights of 1′ to 12′, widths of 2′ to 23′ and unlimited lengths.

Environmentally Superior Dams

Our Coffer dams use on-site water filled dual inner tubes that allow the dam’s chambers to slowly and evenly inflate, forming a strong, stable cylindrical barrier. As the inner tubes fill and water pressure builds, the dam unrolls in a controlled manner to create the Cofferdam.

Because our inflatable cofferdams work with Mother Nature, not against her, they create effective water barriers that leave no – or only a minimal – footprint on the environment. And when the project is done, the dam is easily drained and rolled up for return or transport to another project site.

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Water filled dams and cofferdams

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